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Becoming a MTI®

Why should I pursue the MTI® Estate & Trust Professional designation?

The MTI® is the premier designation for estate and trust management in Canada. When you earn the MTI®, you become part of an elite group of financial professionals with expertise in trust and estate regulation, and the tax implications that are characteristic of the management and transfer of wealth.

What are the educational requirements for the MTI®?

To earn the MTI® designation, you must complete the approved learning path prior to writing the Case Application Certification Examination.

What are the non-educational requirements for the MTI®?

In addition to the educational requirements, you must:


See the Designation Requirements section for a detailed list of requirements for earning the MTI®

I've met the requirements for education, but not for work experience. What do I do?

You will not be granted the MTI® designation unless you meet ALL requirements. You have 5 years from when you pass the Case Application Certification Examination to apply for the designation.

How do I apply for the MTI®?

You can apply for the MTI® directly online. First, CSI will confirm that you have completed the educational requirements. Then you will be prompted to:

  • Sign off on the Code of Ethics and the work experience requirements (your work experience will be verified by sending an email to the verifier you name on your application)
  • Certify you’ve read and will abide by the Certification Mark Licence Agreement
  • Pay for your application of $325

How much does the application cost?

The initial application fee is $325 and includes your licence fee for the year. The annual renewal fee is $325. (You will receive a discount if you hold multiple CSI designations in good standing.) Check with your employer to find out if they offer any subsidy arrangements.

How will I know when I've been granted the designation?

Once you apply for the designation online, you will receive immediate confirmation along with an order ID number. You will receive your official letter of certification and a wall certificate within 4 – 6 weeks.

Will I receive a wall certificate when I earn the MTI® designation?

Yes. The certificate will be mailed to you and typically arrives 4 – 6 weeks from when you were granted the designation. You can also purchase a frame designed exclusively for the MTI® designation.

What types of benefits are provided for MTI® designation holders?

  • Listing in the MTI® Directory which helps clients find you and verify your credentials
  • Access:
    • MTI® trademark designation letters:
      the right to use in your marketing materials to promote your credentials
    • MTI® Portal login:
      unlock online resources, publications and customizable marketing materials
    • Exclusive Webinars:
      stay on top of the latest industry topics through CSI Live

How do I access my benefits?

The benefits are behind the MTI® Login.

Maintaining My Designation

What are the continuing education (CE) requirements for the MTI®?

To maintain your MTI® designation, you must complete a minimum of 12 hours of CE each calendar year. For more information review the MTI® Maintenance Requirements.

What is the CE cycle for the MTI® designation?

CE for the MTI® designation runs on a calendar-year basis. That means if you were granted your MTI® in 2015, you have until the end of the next FULL calendar year (December 31, 2016) to fulfil your CE requirements.

How will CSI determine if I've completed the CE credits required to maintain my designation in good standing?

When renewing your licence, you’re required to declare completion of your CE hours. A percentage of renewal applicants will be audited for proof of completion of the CE requirements.

What is CSI's auditing process for CE hours?

CSI conducts periodic audits of the CE hours required to maintain your designation. Make sure you keep a record of your hours for at least 2 years. For more information on the auditing process, review the MTI® Maintenance Requirements.

Licence Renewal Process

How often do I have to renew my licence?

All MTI®s must renew their licence annually by their anniversary date (the date the designation was originally granted).

Will CSI send me a renewal notice on an annual basis?

You will receive email notices 4 weeks and 1 week prior to expiry to remind you to renew your licence.

Is there a discount on renewals if I hold more than one CSI credential in good standing?

CSI is pleased to offer a tiered discount structure for those who hold multiple credentials (FCSI®, PFP®, CIM®, CIWM, MTI®) in good standing.

  • 2 CSI credentials in good standing: $50 off the renewal of each credential ($275 each)
  • 3 CSI credentials in good standing: $100 off the renewal of each credential ($225 each)
  • 4 CSI credentials in good standing: $150 off the renewal of each credential ($175 each)

How do I renew my MTI® licence?

You can renew your licence online via the Student Login. Click on the “My Credentials” tab and then select “Renew Now.”

What happens if I do not renew my licence?

MTI®s who do not renew are declared to be “not in good standing.” You’ll receive a letter stating that you’re no longer eligible to use the MTI® trademarks. If you continue to use the trademarks, then legal action may be taken. Those who do not renew will also be removed from the MTI® Directory and will no longer be able to access any benefits.

What happens if I let my designation lapse?

MTI®s are given the opportunity to reactivate their licence after a lapse of up to 5 years. After 5 years, you’ll be required to re-take and successfully complete the Portfolio Management Techniques course and meet the work experience requirement. If the lapse is 5 years or less, you can reactivate by completing the following steps:

Customer Service & Corporate

Where can I direct inquiries specific to the MTI® designation?

We have set up a special inbox. If your response can be answered directly by our customer service team, the turnaround time is 24 hours. If your request requires further investigation, we’ll strive to get back to you within 3 business days.

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