What will you learn about?

In this course, we discuss alternative assets. We explain how they differ from the traditional asset classes and how commodities, real estate, farmland, timber, infrastructure, and collectibles can help diversify a portfolio. We also explain the various ways to invest in these assets and the benefits and risks of each type. Finally, the course covers the rationale for private equity and describes the various types of private equity vehicles.

What is the course syllabus?

  • Explain the benefits of investing in alternative investments
  • Describe how commodities can fit in an investment portfolio
  • Compare the different methods of investing in commodities
  • Explain the merits of using real estate in a client portfolio
  • Compare the different ways to invest in real estate and mortgages
  • Discuss farmland, timberland, and infrastructure investment
  • Explain the risks and benefits of investing in collectibles
  • Explain the risks and benefits of private equity investing
  • Compare the different ways to invest in private equity