Moody’s Agribusiness Lending (AGRI)


Today’s agribusiness lenders have to understand their clients’ needs, adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace, and make good credit and business decisions. Moody’s Agribusiness Lending eLearning curriculum is specifically designed with the Canadian agribusiness lender in mind. The lender will develop a solid knowledge of Canadian agricultural lending principles and practices that will enable them to confidently manage portfolio loans. The overall learning objective is to understand customer goals, credit strengths and weaknesses that will enable the lender to deliver a sound financial solution to support their clients farming businesses.

What skills will you develop?

  • Ability to assess the factors associated with lending to agricultural businesses, and utilize techniques for mitigating risks that affect overall borrower creditworthiness
  • Identify the unique risks inherent in agricultural lending deals and an underwriting framework to ensure the quality of lending decisions.
  • Each learning module highlights questions that a lender should ask the borrower to support credit risk assessment and lending decision skills for the agribusiness lender.

Who should enrol?

This program is recommended for banks, credit unions, investment institutions and departments that engage in agricultural lending or assess agribusiness risks. Specifically:

  • Agribusiness lenders and relationship managers
  • Agribusiness loan analysts and underwriters
  • Client-facing staff that work with farm-related clients

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