Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Course (DFOL)

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DFOL Check

The DFOL Check is a series of online practice questions intended to help you assess your readiness to take the DFOL exam. Sign up today and you can:

  • Focus your efforts. Test your overall knowledge and discover which course topics may require more study time.
  • Determine your readiness. Practice questions show you how well you performed in all subject areas.
  • Manage time constraints. Experience the pressure of taking the exam within the allotted time.

Financial Investment Calculations Toolkit

The new CSI Financial Investment Calculations Toolkit is the ideal package for learners who need to perform calculations related to financial services.

Learn how to use the Sharp financial calculator to perform calculations common to financial services, both for your CSI courses and on the job.

You’ll be introduced to essential financial math concepts and be shown how to perform calculations step-by-step on your very own financial calculator. Also included are practice questions to self-assess your financial investment calculations skills.

Financial Statement and Ratios e-Tutorial

The new Financial Statement and Ratios e-Tutorial will introduce important concepts that appear in CSI courses, and which are commonly used in the financial services industry.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of financial statement analysis, including a step-by-step demonstration of how a financial statement is created. You’ll also review the basics of financial ratios, which are used to evaluate the potential success and investment-worthiness of a company.

It is also a useful refresher course for students who have not encountered these concepts in some time.

Macro- and Microeconomics e-Tutorial

This e-Tutorial offers an overview of two areas of economics:

  • Macroeconomics which focus on topics such as interest rates and inflation, the business cycle, monetary policy and fiscal policy.
  • Microeconomics which focus on specific topics such as supply and demand and industry cycles.

The new Macro- and Microeconomics e-Tutorial is a useful refresher course for individuals who have not encountered these concepts in some time.

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