The largest generation of baby boomers in Canadian history are retiring and are considered the wealthiest members of our population. As the world of investing becomes increasingly complex and the need for this generation for professional advice increases, the demand for qualified wealth managers with a specialization in strategic retirement planning has never been greater.

With little tolerance for financial risk, more and more Canadians in or near retirement are seeking out the expertise of advisors with a specialization in retirement strategies to help them grow, protect and distribute their assets to meet their desired retirement lifestyle.

What skills will you develop?

This course will equip professionals with the knowledge needed to help their more affluent clients meet their financial retirement goals. The course is one of five courses within the Dealing with High Net Worth Clients Program, which is the learning path required for the CIWM designation. You can incrementally earn CE credits as you work your way through the course. You can also earn a Micro-Certificate which generates a digital badge that is uploaded to your social media sites upon your request.

Other courses within the Dealing with High Net Worth Clients Program are:

Investment Strategies For High Net Worth Clients

Estate Planning For High Net Worth Clients

Dealing With Special High Net Worth Client Situations

Practice Management In High Net Worth Segment

Upon successful completion of the Retirement Planning For High Net Worth Clients course, students will be eligible for the following credentials:

  • Micro-Certificate for completion of all modules within the course
  • Eligibility to earn the Certificate in Retirement Planning (CRS). Students who have completed the Retirement Planning For High Net Worth Clients course and who also have met the pre-requisite requirements for CRS will have one more step to earn CRS – the completion of a proctored CRS Certification exam. Please note this is not a requirement of the CIWM
  • One step closer to earning CSI’s Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation – the only specialized strategic wealth management credential

Who should enrol?

The Retirement Planning For High Net Worth Clients course is designed for individuals with experience in the financial services advisory professions, working within securities or mutual fund dealers, banks, or a financial planning organization in the capacity of:

  • Investment advisors
  • Financial advisors
  • Financial planners
  • Mutual fund representatives
  • Life insurance specialists

What are the course exemptions?

The Advanced Retirement Management Strategies Course (ARMS) and the Advanced Retirement and Estate Planning Course (ARES) are considered equivalent courses to Retirement Planning For High Net Worth Clients. As such students who have already completed ARMS or ARES will be exempt from completing Retirement Planning For High Net Worth Clients course for purposes of the CIWM.