Delivering Small Business Solutions (DSBS)


While small businesses are the fastest-growing market and source of employment in Canada, many small and medium-sized clients are frustrated by what they consider inadequate service at their banking institutions. If interested in gaining client loyalty, financial bankers now have the opportunity to meet the demands of the small business sector by learning how to develop comprehensive proposals and solutions for small business clients.

What skills will you develop?

The Delivering Small Business Solutions (DSBS) course gives current small business bankers, account managers, and branch managers a comprehensive overview of the customized service small business owners require to be competitive. Students interested in excelling with small business clients will be able to conduct rigorous risk analyses and interpret business and personal financial statements to determine if a client’s capacity meets the credit qualifying guidelines. This targeted, specialized knowledge will make any banker stand out as a small business expert.

This course fulfills one of the requirements for earning the Certificate in Small Business Banking.

Who should enrol?

The Delivering Small Business Solutions (DSBS) course is designed for students who are currently working in a bank and are specifically interested in moving into the small business arena if they are not there already.  This includes people who are currently small business bankers, small business account managers or branch managers of banks. This course is also relevant for people working in mutual funds and personal lending, or as mortgage specialists, risk managers or underwriters.

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