Hours of Study: 9 Hours

Enrolment Period: 6 Months

What is the quiz structure?

Structure Information
Number of Test 1
Test Format Online Test
Test Length 2 Hours
Question Format Multiple Choice
Questions Per Test 60
Attempts Allowed Per Test 2
Test Passing Grade 60%

What Continuing Education (CE) credits will you earn?

ADVOCIS Structured Learning CE9
CIWM Compliance3
CIWM Professional development6
CIM Compliance3
PFP Professional development6
PFP Compliance3
CFA Institute CIPM9
CFA Institute CFA - SER2
CFA Institute CFA - PD9
IIROC Compliance3
IIROC Professional Development6

View CE credits for all CSI courses and all associations.

You can use credits marked with a * for compliance or professional development, up to the CE credits value indicated.

Ex: If you completed a course accredited for 10* CE credits, you may allocate 5 CE credits for compliance and 5 CE credits for professional development, or in any other combination, up to a total of 10 CE credits.

Please note: While CSI makes every effort to ensure that the information is up-to-date, we are unfortunately unable to fully guarantee its accuracy. The information listed in the charts above may be subject to change.