Financial Planning Supplement (FPSU)

Course Formats

The FPSU comes in two alternative bundling options. Click to expand and learn more about each product. Please select one of the following options.

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FPSU online, interactive version with hard-copy textbook

Choose this course format if you prefer to study with a hard-copy textbook along with your online course.

FPSU online, interactive version with PDF textbook

Choose this course format if you prefer to study online through a computer, tablet, or mobile.


IIROC member firms, financial institutions, and other corporate entities who have agreements with CSI may be eligible for discounts on some courses. Selecting the name of your employer at the time of enrolment will ensure that applicable discounts appear at checkout.

Study Tools

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FPSU Check

The FPSU Check is a series of online practice questions intended to help you assess your readiness and increase your confidence when taking the FPSU exam. The Chapter Quizzes are a series of multiple-choice practice questions that test your knowledge of the course materials. Based on the results, you can focus your efforts on the topics that require more study time.

The Practice Exams are designed to simulate the experience of an actual exam. The question-and-answer format is identical to the real thing, and, just like the actual exam, you’ll be under the pressure of a time limit.

The FPSU Check will enable you to:

  • Focus your efforts: Test your overall knowledge and discover which course topics may require more study time
  • Determine your readiness: Sample questions show you how well you performed in all subject areas
  • Manage time constraints: Practice 2 separate sample exams with the same format to better manage your expectations and prepare you for the real FPSU exam

Replacement Textbook

Replacement Hard-Copy Textbook

Only students currently enrolled in the course and course graduates may purchase a replacement hard-copy textbook.

Shipping & Handling

  • Printed course materials will ship within 5-10 business days of purchase
  • Electronic course materials will be available immediately upon purchase
  • Shipping costs vary by location & will be displayed on the final screen of check out
  • Shipping and handling fees will apply to all orders that include printed course materials

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