Student Code of Conduct

Academic honesty and integrity is essential to the continued functioning of CSI as a trusted fi nancial services educator endorsed by regulatory authorities across Canada. CSI expects students to act with dignity, integrity and respect and to conduct themselves according to generally accepted standards of personal and professional behaviour. Inappropriate student behaviour may not only impair the ability of other students to perform to their potential but may also damage the credibility of the examining process or hinder the ability of CSI staff to operate effectively and meet the needs of all students. Familiarity with and adherence to these guidelines will allow students to make the most of their educational experience with CSI.

Familiarity with and adherence to these guidelines will allow students to make the most of their educational experience with CSI.

The following are examples of unacceptable conduct that may lead to disciplinary action:

  • Cheating on an exam (paper-based or electronic), which may include copying or allowing another student to copy exam answers, receiving help or helping another student during an exam, impersonating another student, or use or possession of any materials (including electronic devices) other than those permitted
  • Using technology of any type for the purpose of reconstructing proprietary content such as the exam questions and answers in whole or in part for the purposes of sharing, selling or otherwise disseminating that information.
  • Plagiarizing, copying, collaborating excessively on, or selling assignments or cases.
  • Misrepresenting academic performance by knowingly making false statements or falsifying any record, report or examination paper.
  • Conduct that constitutes discrimination, harassment or a danger to the personal safety of CSI staff and/or other students. Such behaviour might include attacking or threatening to attack or physically or verbally abusing CSI staff or other students.
  • Conduct that disrupts the operation of CSI or that involves damaging or limiting access to property or equipment belonging to either students or CSI at any of its premises or on the occasion of any exam or seminar presentation.
  • Failing to comply with any disciplinary ruling imposed for misconduct by the Student Ethics Committee.

Student Ethics Committee

The Student Ethics Committee deals with allegations of violation of the Student Code of Conduct. If the Student Ethics Committee determines a violation occurred, a disciplinary sanction is recommended. Students can appeal rulings handed down by the Student Ethics Committee. Please see the CSI Student Disciplinary Process for full details.