When will I receive a tax receipt?

A tuition tax receipt is available in February following the calendar year of your course enrolment. Your 2015 tax receipt is now available online.  You will be able to view and print from our website. If you would like a receipt for a tax year prior to 2011 and this is not available online; email us at customer_support@csi.ca.
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What fees does my tuition tax receipt include?

Your tax receipt includes all tuition fees paid to CSI during a specific calendar year.

Your receipt does not include charges for:

  • Shipping and Handling
  • Study aid products
  • Membership or renewal fees
  • Exam "no show" or late cancellation fees
  • Certificate Frames
  • Cancellation and substitution fees
  • Exceptions Assessor Fee
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How do I request a duplicate tuition tax receipt for a previous year?

If you require a tuition tax receipt for a previous tax year and that receipt is not available online; please email customer_support@csi.ca. Include your CSI Student ID number, name, current mailing address and the year for which the tax receipt is required.

A duplicate tax receipt will be mailed to you within five business days.

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I cannot print my tax receipt. What should I do?

You will need to check the 'I Agree' box before you click on the 'printer icon' to print your tax receipt.

You require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to print your tax receipt. If you do not have this software, you will need to install.

From the MyCSI menu, log-in to your student profile, then click on "My Receipts". Locate the Get Adobe Reader icon, just above "Revenue Canada Tax Receipt". You can download and install from there.

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Why is my tax receipt marked duplicate?

An original copy of your tax receipt is available for printing once. If the tax receipt you printed is marked 'duplicate', this means that either you or CSI, upon your request, have printed previously.

A duplicate copy is acceptable for tax purposes.

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I reside outside of Canada. Am I eligible to use my tax receipt as a credit?

If you have taxable income in Canada, you are eligible to claim this credit.

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Will I receive a T2202 tax receipt?

Form T2202 is the Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate.

CSI issues a tuition tax receipt. To claim this credit for the tax year, please refer to instructions on your tuition receipt.

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Can I request that my tax receipt be faxed?

For security and privacy reasons, we cannot fax your tax receipt. However, upon request, we will be pleased to mail you a copy.

Note: Tax receipts are currently available for fees paid in the previous year, that qualify for a tax receipt. Tax receipts for fees paid in this year will be available in February of next year.

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My original tax receipt has been printed. Can I obtain another original?

Only one original tax receipt is available. Any subsequent reprints will be marked as duplicate.

For tax purposes, either the original or a duplicate is acceptable.

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