Can I Review My Exam Booklet With A CSI Staff Member?

For most exams, CSI provides a Student Performance Record which gives exam writers feedback on their performance on an exam.

Examination papers are not returned to students and are not available for inspection. There are no exceptions to this policy.

View our exam policies.
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When does my Canadian Securities Course(CSC) expire?

To check your course expiry date, please log-in to your student profile. From the Student Menu, select 'Academic History', then click on the course that you wish to view this information about. The next screen will display the course enrolment details.

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I want to enrol in a CSI course and would like to mail or fax in my enrolment. Where can I find the enrolment form?

Download and print a copy of the enrolment form.

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I have registered for a CSI seminar. What happens if this seminar is cancelled?

Despite our best efforts, it's sometimes necessary to cancel a seminar. If this happens, we will offer you a full refund or (where applicable) the choice of an alternate date.

We will also contact you prior to the start date to inform you of the seminar status.

View The Seminar Refund Policy!

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