What if my name changes?

If your name (first and or last or both) has legally changed, CSI requires copy of the government issued documentation to make the change.

Acceptable Identification:
A government issued document that indicates both names (i.e. change of name certificate; marriage certificate; driverís license). If it is to update full legal name the driverís license is sufficient.

Note* If only last name change is being requested, you will have to provide a second piece of id with previous last name in addition to the driverís license.

I have completed a course(s) with another educational institute and I believe this may exempt me from taking a CSI course(s). What should I do?

You should submit an Exemption Request Form. Your transcript(s) will be evaluated and you will be notified of your eligibility for an academic exemption within 6 weeks. A fee is applicable for the assessment and for the academic exemption(s). Please refer to the form for additional information.

Note: CSI does not grant academic exemptions for licensing courses, e.g. CSC, CPH, OLC, FLC etc.
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How Long Will I Have Access to my Online Course?

Access to your online materials will close 2 weeks after successful course completion or course expiry (whichever comes first).† CSI recommends that you save a copy of your online materials prior to course completion.

Note: Online access to your course cannot be re-activated after your course has been moved to completion/expiry whichever comes first.

What Do Extension Fees Cover?

Extension fees cover:
  • Access to the online version of the course, if applicable
  • An additional 12 months to complete your one year enrolment course
  • An additional 6 months to complete your six month enrolment course

Extension fees DO NOT cover:

  • New textbooks
  • Learning aids that were purchased separately from your course, such as Study Tools.
  • Exam re-write fees
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Can I transfer from one course to another course?

Students may not transfer from one course to another course. Those who do not wish to complete their course can request a refund.
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Can My Designation Be Revoked?

Yes, CSI may suspend or revoke your right to use a designation. If this happens, we will advise you in writing. We may also notify the appropriate authorities and/or your employer in certain circumstances. View our Designation Policies.

I am unable to view my Academic History, book an exam or purchase a CSI product online. Why?

If you have any outstanding charges on your account, you will not be able to view your academic history from your student profile at www.csi.ca. You will not be able to enrol in a course, book an exam or place any orders. These charges need to be cleared for your account to be accessible.

In such a case, you will obtain the following message when you try to access your student profile:

Access to your account is currently blocked, please contact customer support at customer_support@csi.ca or by phone at 1.866.866.2601.