What levels of credentials are offered by CSI?

CSI offers three levels of financial services credentials:

Credentials and letters behind your name evaluate your qualification and showcase your professional acumen. Credentials that reflect professional standards count for employees, clients and your own satisfaction.

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What are the member benefits of the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP)?

As you build your business, CSI will be working alongside you and in the background, providing individual resources, peer-to-peer support and widespread market awareness of the CSWP designation.
  • CSI is actively marketing the CSWP designation to cultivate public awareness and industry recognition of your training and unique depth of services.
  • CSI makes marketing resources available for promoting your business, educating clients and informing prospects (i.e. Access to CSWP client brochure - promote yourself, your practice and your credentials).
  • You'll have permission to use the CSWP designation and logo on your business and marketing materials.
  • Your CSWP designation entitles you to front-of-the-line customer service at CSI.
  • Registration in exclusive CSWP designation holder directory.

Where can I view The Charter of Strategic Wealth Professionals (CSWP)?

The Charter of Strategic Wealth Professionals is the core of the CSWP designation. It outlines the values, beliefs and character of each designation holder, and builds client trust as a public commitment to wisdom, integrity, partnership, and client insight. View the Charter of Strategic Wealth Professionals!

Where can I get information about changes to the SME Studies Program?

Due to a lack of demand, CSI is no longer accepting new enrolments for courses that belong to the SME Studies Program. If you are currently on the SME Studies Program path you may enrol in the other necessary courses in order for you to complete the SME Studies Diploma requirements by April 30th, 2012. After April 30th, 2012, the SME Studies Program and all associated courses will be discontinued. Find out more about the enrollment process for existing students in the SME Studies Program.
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Where can I get information about the Fellow of CSI (FCSI) designation?

Click here to visit our website and learn more about the FCSI designation.

Visit the CSI Membership site to find out more about our designations.
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How can I update my contact information on the FCSI Directory?

To update your profile, go to the FCSI directory, and select 'Update Your Directory Profile'.
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Why is there an annual fee to maintain my FCSI Membership?

This fee is used to promote the benefits of FCSI Membership to individual firms and the general public. It was first introduced in 2000. Renew your FCSI Membership online.
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Where can I get information about the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation?

Learn more about the CIM designation on our website.

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Where can I get a complete list of CSI designation and certificate programs?

CSI's certificates and designations are designed for professionals in growing, competitive segments of the financial services industry who need to elevate their profile and find distinction. Each requires the completion of a series of CSI courses to enhance knowledge and ability and help you become a true expert in your profession.

View a list of CSI's Designations and Certificates!

Where can I get information about the Professional Banking Program (PBP)?

Learn more about the Professional Banking Program (PBP) on our website.
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Where can I get information about the The Personal Financial Planner (PFP) Program?

Learn more about The Personal Financial Planner (PFP) Program on our website.
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How Many Designations Can I Be Granted?

CSI has no restriction on the number of CSI designations that you may be granted. Find out more about CSI designations.
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Can My Designation Be Revoked?

Yes, CSI may suspend or revoke your right to use a designation. If this happens, we will advise you in writing. We may also notify the appropriate authorities and/or your employer in certain circumstances. View our Designation Policies.

What Expectations Are Associated With My Designation?

You are expected to use your CSI designation(s) in an objective and professionally dignified manner.

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What is the Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS)?

The Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS), is an innovative addition to your business qualifications.

It enables you to identify yourself to clients as a specialist in sophisticated retirement investment vehicles and techniques such as Individual Pension Plans (IPP) and Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA), Tax Loss Harvesting and estate and legacy planning.

This new certificate program also includes advanced needs analysis and relational skills geared to the priorities of retirees and skills that can help differentiate your business from the mass of generalist advisors already competing for this high growth market.

Learn more about the Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS)
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Who should enrol in the Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS)?

  • Investment counselors
  • Investment advisors
  • Financial planners
  • Wealth managers
  • Retirement counselors and insurance specialists
  • Financial consultants
  • Private client investment specialists
  • Enrol today!

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    How can I Fast Track the Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS)?

    Advanced standing offered for many designations can mean you're only one course away from the Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS) . Learn more about the Certificate in Retirement Strategy (CRS) and enrol today!
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    I need help in preparing for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) examination. Where can I find study aids?

    CSI offers the Gobeil & Associates study aids to help you prepare for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) examination.