What if my name changes?

If your name (first and or last or both) has legally changed, CSI requires copy of the government issued documentation to make the change.

Acceptable Identification:
A government issued document that indicates both names (i.e. change of name certificate; marriage certificate; driverís license). If it is to update full legal name the driverís license is sufficient.

Note* If only last name change is being requested, you will have to provide a second piece of id with previous last name in addition to the driverís license.

I have completed my online course and need the Notice of Completion.

You can view and print a Notice of Course or Assessment Completion by logging on to your Student Profile from the MyCSI tab and selecting the option "Download Notice of Completion" from the MyCSI Menu located on the left side of the page.

I scheduled an exam and can’t remember the date. What should I do?

Examination booking confirmations are sent by email and to your My CSI. To access click on the "My Messages" tab. Your confirmation will include the exam date, location and any applicable instructions.

Please read your confirmation letter carefully as locations can change from session to session.

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What are the Student Resources available to me in ‘My CSI’?

Your Online Learning Centre is referred to as My CSI and is available to all students. To access MY CSI, you can use your Student ID, or email address and password to log in.

In My CSI, you will be able to:

  • Access your Online Course (Textbook; Assignments; Course Updates; Special Instructions, etc. if applicable)
  • Review your Academic and Student Performance Records
  • Retrieve sales and income tax receipts
  • Receive course update information
  • Book your exam sitting (if applicable)
  • Download your transcript and Notice of Course Completion

Watch our Online Orientation Video to observe how to login and use the Online Learning Centre!

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Where can I get information about my course?

You can access information about your course through your Student Profile (My CSI). Log-in to My CSI to view your course status!

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I wrote my exam close to my course expiry date. Will my profile be updated to show my exam results?

Exam results are available within 15 business days for scanned multiple choice exams and computer base exams; 20 business days for all other exams. If you wrote your exam close to your expiry date, this may result in your course status showing as 'expired' while your exam is being marked. In such a case, your student profile will be updated to show your exam results when released.

If a course extension is required, you need to submit the form, as soon as your exam results are available.

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How do I correct my student profile or update my personal information?

You can update your personal information by accessing your Student Profile.

Click here to login to your Student Profile.

If you need to correct the name on your profile, please fax your request to CSI at 1-866-866-2660. Include supporting documents such as: name change document, marriage certificate, passport or birth certificate and your Student ID.

You can also send your request with supporting documents to studentprofile@csi.ca.

We'll adjust your profile within ten business days.

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How can I obtain an Exam Notice, Notice of Course/Assessment completion or Transcript?

The Transcripts & Certificates Centre lets you view, print and email your transcript, course and exam notices. You can view and/or print your notices by clicking on the printer icon beside any item. To access, log-in to your profile and select "Download transcripts or Notice of Completion" from the My CSI Menu.

To email your notices to a regulator, employer or yourself, check the box beside each item that you want to send, enter the recipient's email address in the area provided below and click the Send by email button. The notices will be sent to the specified email address in pdf format.

CSI will continue to fulfill requests for a formal Transcript on CSI letterhead if required. These will be subject to existing CSI fees and policies. If more information is needed, email us at customer_support@csi.ca.

I am unable to view my Academic History, book an exam or purchase a CSI product online. Why?

If you have any outstanding charges on your account, you will not be able to view your academic history from your student profile at www.csi.ca. You will not be able to enrol in a course, book an exam or place any orders. These charges need to be cleared for your account to be accessible.

In such a case, you will obtain the following message when you try to access your student profile:

Access to your account is currently blocked, please contact customer support at customer_support@csi.ca or by phone at 1.866.866.2601.

I\’ve completed a CSI course and it does not appear on my student profile ?

Your course does not appear on your student profile for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have more than one CSI student profile.
    If you have more than one student file, as soon as we have verified this information your profile will be updated.

    To update your profile, please email us at studentprofile@csi.ca.

  2. You completed your course prior to 1995.
    A CSI course completed prior to 1995 may not show on your online profile. You may request a transcript for these courses.
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