What Do Extension Fees Cover?

Extension fees cover:
  • Access to the online version of the course, if applicable
  • An additional 12 months to complete your one year enrolment course
  • An additional 6 months to complete your six month enrolment course

Extension fees DO NOT cover:

  • New textbooks
  • Learning aids that were purchased separately from your course, such as Study Tools.
  • Exam re-write fees
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Can I extend my Course?

If you have not completed your course during the regular enrolment period, you’re allowed to purchase a one time extension per course enrolment.

You must apply for an extension prior to the expiry of your enrolment period. Courses designated as Continuing Education courses do not qualify for extensions.

Please note: Your course extension is reflective of your course enrolment period.

  • If you are enrolled in a 1 year course, you qualify for a 1 year course extension.
  • If you are enrolled in a 6 month course, you qualify for a 6 month extension.
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