How do I cancel or reschedule my exam?

You have several options for canceling or rescheduling an exam:

Log-in to your profile. Select the "Book Exams" link from the CSI Menu, then select Cancel/Reschedule My Exam and follow the instructions.

Notify us in writing by sending an e-mail to Be sure to include your:

  • Student ID
  • Name
  • Daytime phone number
  • The city, date and time of your exam
  • Reason for cancellation

You may also fax or mail your request to us.

Please note that a minimum of 14 days notice, not including the date of your exam, must be provided in order to cancel an exam. We charge an administrative fee, even if it's your first exam attempt, if sufficient notice is not provided.

View our exam policies!

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What type of calculator should I have for my exam?

Most financial calculators are acceptable as long as the calculator is non-programmable and does not print. Popular brands that students bring to exams include Sharp, Texas Instruments (TI) and Hewlett Packard (HP) calculators. We recommend you use the following list as a guideline in selecting a calculator for CSI exams: Acceptable & Recommended Financial Calculators
  • Sharp EL-738F
  • HP 10bII, 12c, 12c Platinum
Basic calculators are acceptable, however, not recommended because they do not have all financial functions. Here are examples of basic calculators:
  • TI-503SV, TI-1706SV, TI-1795SV
  • Sharp EL-240SB, EL-243SB, EL-2139HB, EL-376SB
  • Casio HS-4G, HS-8V
  • Casio SL-100L, SL-300SV, SL-450L
Examples of calculators not permitted at CSI exams (this list is not exhaustive):
  • HP9g, 17bII, 17BII+, 19b, 19bII 9g, 30b, 33s, 35s, 38g, 39gs, 40gs, 48gII, 50g
  • TI-73 Explorer, 83 Plus, 84 Plus, 89 Titanium, Voyage 200
  • Sharp EL-9900C, Casio FX9860GII, ClassPad330, FX-7400GPlus, FX-9750GII
  • Casio CFX98650GIIC, CLASSPad300ClassPad330, FX-7400GPlus, FX-9750GII
In general, any calculator with graphing capability (large screen) and/or a printer is not allowed at CSI exams. Note: If you are unsure whether or not your calculator is acceptable, we suggest that you also bring a basic calculator.
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I am writing a CSI exam in Montreal. How do I get there?

Exams in Montreal are held at CSI's Office:
  • 625 René-Lévesque Blvd West, 4th Floor., Montreal, QC H3B 1R2

View a map of the area and get directions to the exam center.

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I have just enrolled in a CSI course. Where can I find information about exams?

To successfully complete your course, you will need to write your exam(s) at one of CSI’s approved exam centers. Exam sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s best to book early. Refer to your course details section for more information about exam content and the number of exams you’ll need to write to complete your course. Here are links to some of the key questions you may have about exams:
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Can I Review My Exam Booklet With A CSI Staff Member?

For most exams, CSI provides a Student Performance Record which gives exam writers feedback on their performance on an exam.

Examination papers are not returned to students and are not available for inspection. There are no exceptions to this policy.

View our exam policies.
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Where can I find more information about Computer based Exams?

CSI now offers more computer-based exam testing spaces in the Toronto exam center. As of June 25, 2009, computer-based exams became available in the Montreal exam center.

Click here for a list of exams currently available in computer-based format and attempt the online demo!

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Does New Brunswick & The Yukon Territory Have Any Special Canadian Insurance Course Requirements?

When you write your Canadian Insurance Course (CIC) exam, in New Brunswick or the Yukon Territory, you will be asked to sign an LLQP certificate of successful completion, in the presence of the exam supervisor.

At that time, you will be required to present two pieces of identification:

  • government issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license
  • another piece of identification with a signature, such as a credit card.

Candidates who pass the examination will receive a signed certificate in the mail.

You will be required to bring the certificate with you to the LLQP exam centre, along with the exact two pieces of identification that you presented to write the exam in order to receive your license.

I completed an exam. How soon will I receive my grade? How do I get my grade?

We post exam marks in the My CSI section of within 15 business days after you write your exam. You'll need your Student ID and password to access this portion of the site

Click here to go to My CSI.

Key in your Student ID and PIN numbers to log in. Then select the course for the exam you have written. Click on the course, the next screen will display your exam mark once posted.

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I already have the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) textbook. Can I register for the exams without enrolling in the course?

To write an exam, you need to enrol in the course.

Click here to enrol online.

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I wrote my exam close to my course expiry date. Will my profile be updated to show my exam results?

Exam results are available within 15 business days for scanned multiple choice exams and computer base exams; 20 business days for all other exams. If you wrote your exam close to your expiry date, this may result in your course status showing as 'expired' while your exam is being marked. In such a case, your student profile will be updated to show your exam results when released.

If a course extension is required, you need to submit the form, as soon as your exam results are available.

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I am writing an exam in Toronto and would like to know how to get there.

Effective November 3, 2008, all exams in Toronto will be held at:
  • CSI's Office, 200 Wellington Street West, 15th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 3C7
The office is in the Metro Hall complex (south building), a few steps from the corner of John Street and Wellington Street. The closest subway station is St. Andrew. View our exam schedule!
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I need to book my exam. What do I do if I have special needs?

If you have a documented disability or medical condition which impedes your ability to write an exam, special arrangements can be made for you. We attempt to balance your special needs with our responsibility to measure your proficiency in course content, when we determine the appropriate accommodation for you. Please make your request as soon as possible after you enroll, so we have enough time to arrange your accommodation. You will need to have a licensed medical professional provide official documentation supporting proof of your disability or medical condition.

Please send an email to outlining your requirements. Include your Student ID and course name. We'll contact you via email within 48 hours with a response.

View a list of CSI exam centres.

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How can I obtain an Exam Notice, Notice of Course/Assessment completion or Transcript?

The Transcripts & Certificates Centre lets you view, print and email your transcript, course and exam notices. You can view and/or print your notices by clicking on the printer icon beside any item. To access, log-in to your profile and select "Download transcripts or Notice of Completion" from the My CSI Menu.

To email your notices to a regulator, employer or yourself, check the box beside each item that you want to send, enter the recipient's email address in the area provided below and click the Send by email button. The notices will be sent to the specified email address in pdf format.

CSI will continue to fulfill requests for a formal Transcript on CSI letterhead if required. These will be subject to existing CSI fees and policies. If more information is needed, email us at

Where is my exam centre located? How do I get there?

Your exam centre is listed on the exam confirmation you received after you booked your exam. This can be accessed from your Student Messages. If you haven't received confirmation, please email and ask for details. A member of our customer service team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Locate the exam centre nearest you.

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I’m writing a CSI exam. What type of ID should I present?

To confirm identity, a CSI exam candidate must have a valid, signed, government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport. If you do not have valid ID you will not be permitted to write your exam. You will have to contact CSI to make alternate arrangements for your exam and a fee may be required.
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I missed my exam due to reasons beyond my control. Can I re-schedule my exam without any penalty?

If you missed your exam because you were sick, please fax a letter to our exam department at 1.800.361.7339 explaining your situation. You need to include supporting documentation such as a doctor's note.

To determine if you are able to rebook your exam without a penalty, you can also email Include your name, Student ID, course title and the reasons why you missed your exam.

View our exam policies.

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Are pilot or “test” questions included on CSI exams?

To continuously improve the quality of our exams, we test a small number of pilot questions during each examination. (These questions may be included on future examinations.) The time allocated for the examination takes these pilot questions into consideration. In addition, the calculation of your final mark does not include the pilot questions.

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