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Orientation For New Students

New to CSIWelcome to CSI! Your journey to a rewarding career in financial services begins here.

We've put together some information related to course enrolments, and what to expect once you've enrolled in a course. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our customer service department at 1-866-866-2601, send an email to or refer to the contact information page.

Watch our online orientation now!

CSI orientation demo


Before starting your course, you may find it useful to review CSI's policy section.

How to enrol?

Select from our courses, seminars or study tools and add a product to the shopping cart. You can enrol online or download an enrolment form and fax or mail it in to CSI.

Enrolments are accepted using credit cards, money orders or certified or corporate cheques. Online enrolment is the most efficient way to register as it will help you calculate the appropriate discounts and taxes. It is possible to enrol online even if paying by money order or certified or corporate cheque.

What happens once I enrol?

Once you complete your enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email containing your Student ID. You can use your Student ID, or email address and password to log in to

If you enrolled in an online course, you will be able to log in once you receive your enrolment confirmation email.

When you log in to, you'll be able to:

  • Access your online course (if applicable)
  • Book your exams
  • Check for course updates
  • Download your transcripts/Notice of Course Completions Documents
  • Review your course history
  • Update your personal profile
  • Check your messages
  • Download your sales and tax receipts

If you ordered printed textbooks, you will receive them within five business days of your enrolment.

How do I access my online course and are there any specific technical issues that may affect my experience?

Course Duration

Depending on the course you enroll in, you will have 6 months or one year to complete your course. By following a regular study plan, most students are able to complete the course in far less time.

Course and Academic Support

CSI offers several ways to help you complete your course(s). Our training professionals offer academic support via email and through discussion boards within your online course. If you have any difficulty understanding a course component, simply ask.

Some courses offer a seminar to help you prepare for your exam. Experienced instructors are on hand to review course content and answer your questions.

We also offer a series of study tools designed to help you with your studies and prepare for exams.


To successfully complete your course, you will need to write your exam(s) at one of CSI's approved exam centres. Exam sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it's best to book early.

Refer to your course card for more information about exam content and the number of exams you'll need to write to complete your course.

Here are links to some of the key questions you may have about exams: