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Research Analyst

You can find work as a Research Analyst throughout the financial services industry, with employers such as investment dealers, investment fund companies and independent research organizations. This job depends on a strong analytical mind and an ability to put clear thoughts into writing. A Research Analyst is usually responsible for studying a single industry sector and the companies within that sector that are of potential interest to a firm's institutional and retail clients. The goal is to produce objective and independent analysis of a company's financial fundamentals and use this information to make an expert recommendation on whether clients should buy, hold or sell shares.

  • Provide research coverage of companies within an industry sector, such as the financial sector, oil and gas or biotechnology.
  • Perform fundamental analysis of a company and monitor its performance in the context of historic trends and its current situation.
  • Create detailed written reports of research findings and recommendations with respect to a company's stock.
  • Present research findings and recommendations to institutional clients.
  • Maintain relationships with the management of companies analyzed in order to obtain data instrumental to the analysis process.

Candidates for Research Analyst positions are generally expected to hold at least a university degree, and often an MBA. Most research analysts start as Research Associates before working up to the more senior post.

Many employers demand that candidates have at least started working toward the Association for Investment Management and Research's Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation program.

Completion of CSI courses such as the Canadian Securities Course, Investment Management Techniques and the Technical Analysis Course are considered a definite asset.

Research Analysts are paid a fixed salary that may exceed $100,000, plus a substantial bonus that can match that, depending on performance of the individual and firm.