The Credit Risk Manager's job is to apply a structured approach to analyze, assess, and evaluate the creditworthiness of a business, organization, or an individual credit exposure. Depending on the actual job, this analysis can range from the straightforward (using proprietary software to assess an individual's loan application in a banking environment) to the highly complex (assessing the correlations between default probabilities of derivates held in a portfolio or structured product). Credit Risk Managers are employed within a variety of financial institutions ranging from banks (including both personal and business banking) to credit rating agencies and investment banks.

Responsibilities Include

  • Modelling default probabilities and credit exposure
  • Understanding the possibility of non-payment in short time periods (settlement risk)
  • Understanding how the distribution of possible losses is affected by correlations within a portfolio
  • Managing credit risk by diversifying across defaults
  • Keeping up to date on risk modelling software and methodologies

Alternate Name

Credit Risk Analyst

Earning Potential

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