The Investment Representative's job is to execute client instructions in accordance with industry trading regulations and firm policies, and provide accurate and timely information on market activity, company products and services and customer account information. Organizational and administrative skills are important requirements for this job.

What are the responsibilities for this role?

  • Taking buy/ sell orders from clients for stocks, bonds and other investment products, and write trade tickets
  • Informing clients of maturing money market instruments and re-invest funds as requested
  • Advising clients on matters relating to dividends and interest
  • Notifying clients of tender offers, redemptions, etc
  • Requesting information and documentation from clients to open accounts
  • Providing current price quotations to clients referring to quote services and trading desk personnel
  • Checking/ investigating buy/ sell orders and report back to clients
  • Following up on client trades to ensure proper settlement and delivery, informing appropriate departments to take action.
  • Investigating and resolve enquiries and complaints related to accounts and refer to the IA where appropriate
  • Maintaining daily records of trades, by client and by type of security
  • Maintaining current knowledge of client accounts by reviewing daily computer runs
  • Contacting clients whose accounts are under margin and follow up
  • Relaying information to the Investment Advisors regarding new stock and bond issues and changes in trading activity.

What are the alternate names for this role?

Senior Investment Representative, Online Trader, Discount Broker Representative

What is the earning potential for this role?

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