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What is the CE Finder Tool?

Various regulatory bodies and professional associations require you to fulfill certain hours of continuing education credits to ensure that you stay current with the latest developments in order to best serve your clients, firm and the industry and capital markets in general. These bodies require registrants to complete both compliance and professional development credits during a fixed cycle. Failure to comply can result in disciplinary actions both against the individual and the firm the individual is associated with.

Our courses are designed to meet multi-jurisdictional requirements. Some of our professional development CE courses will help you comply with Know Your Product (KYP) regulatory requirements, including bitcoin and ETFs. Other courses, like our Dealing with High Net Worth Client series, are on the path to a designation (CIWM in this case), meaning learners can earn their CE credits while working their way to a designation. Our compliance CE courses are typically built to address the major compliance priorities as articulated by the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) in their annual priorities report.

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