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  • Post Secondary Institute Micro Site


To qualify for the CIM® designation, you must meet the following work experience requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience within the past 5 years in an investment management capacity
  • Examples include:
    • Applying or supervising the investment management process
    • Providing expert analysis or evaluation to support the investment management process
    • Managing clients as it relates to the investment management process
    • Teaching investment management
  • Use the CIM® Work Experience Guidelines to find out if your experience qualifies


As part of the application process, work experience will be verified and audited. Applicants will be asked to provide the name of the verifying individual on their application form.

  • Individuals who can verify experience should be a current or recent employer/supervisor
  • Self-employed individuals must provide verification from a previous employer or a close peer who holds a financial services designation (e.g., a CIM®, PFP®, FICB, CFA, CA, CFP) - in such a case, CSI may request further documentation
  • CSI will accept a corporate CIM® work experience attestation from an employer confirming that an applicant has fulfilled the required work experience


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