CIWM Examinations
and Other Requirements

Education :  The CIWM requires applicants to complete an approved learning path.

Examination : Students who have completed the CIWM learning path by May 8, 2019 will have the option of completing the SW360 or the new CIWM Certification Exam. Students who complete the CIWM Learning Path after May 8, 2019 are subject to the CIWM Certification Exam.

Experience : Candidates applying for the CIWM designation must have at least 3 years of experience working directly with or in support of the wealth management needs of retail clients.

Code of Ethics : When applying for the CIWM you must commit to the CIWM Code of Ethics.

Trademarks : You are also required to agree to the terms of the CIWM Certification Mark Licence Agreement,
which grants you the right to use the CIWM trademarks in your own marketing.

Application/Licence : The initial application fee is $275 and includes your licence fee for the year.

To maintain your CIWM designation in good standing, you must:

Learn more about CIWM Maintenance Requirements

CSI holds itself to the highest standards of honesty, transparency and fairness when dealings with clients, students, designation holders and regulators.
We are committed to ensuring impartiality in carrying out our CIWM certification activities (e.g., certification examination results and other decisions related to granting designations). We actively manage conflicts of interest to ensure objectivity.
Learn more about the appeals policies and processes for certification examinations.
To appeal other certification decisions please email us.