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Welcome to the Society of Technical Analysts Pakistan (STAP) training resource at CSI. STAP has entered into an agreement with the Canadian Securities Institute® (CSI) to offer the prestigious Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Investment Management Techniques (IMT) and Portfolio Management Techniques (PMT) courses in Pakistan. The CSC is recognized in Canada by regulatory authorities and financial institutions as meeting the requirements for working as a financial broker and is generally recommended for anyone working or seeking to work within the investment industry. The IMT and PMT courses provide more in-depth knowledge for those seeking to work in a portfolio management capacity and are recognized by regulators in Canada for this purpose. Together, these outline courses provide in-depth, practical investment knowledge and best practices for anyone looking to establish or advance their career within the investment industry and/or just improve their own investing skills.

Please follow the steps below to register for any of the courses:

Step 1: Click "Add to Cart" beside the course you are interested in purchasing

Step 2: Click "Register now" button and complete all steps. Important: Please be sure to input your name exactly as it appears on any legal documents you have.

Step 3: Click "Checkout" button to complete the online enrolment process

Note: Only a credit card can be used for payment purposes (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). If you would like to use any other method of payment, please contact STAP for assistance.

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Canadian Securities Course - Online program
Investment Management Techniques -- Complete Online Course
Portfolio Management Techniques Course

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