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IIROC Voluntary Participation Program:

Are you worried that your course validity period will expire before you actually need it for your job?

If you:

  • Have never been approved with an IIROC member firm, then the validity for the Canadian Securities Course is 3 years and 2 years for all other licensing courses.
  • Have left an IIROC member firm, all licensing courses remain valid for a 3 year period following the date of termination, provided you were registered in a category that required the course.

How can you keep your course valid for licensing purposes?

You can participate in the IIROC Voluntary CE program. Under the CE Rules, the VP Program is available to former Approved Persons who terminated their approval within the three years prior to the start of the current CE cycle, or individuals who have never been approved on the IIROC platform.

How does The IIROC Voluntary CE Program work?

Voluntary Participation applies only to the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) for the purposes of applying or re-applying for registration with IIROC, beyond the time limits.

An individual maintaining voluntary standing in the CE program may extend the validity period of the CSC until June 30th of the next CE cycle. An individual can avoid rewriting a lapsed CSC by taking a course or courses on the list of approved courses. The VP Program may be used to extend the validity of this course indefinitely provided the individual continues to participate in the VP Program in each CE cycle until the individual is approved in an Approved Person category.

For information on IIROC’s Voluntary Participation CE program, please refer to the IIROC CE Guidelines.

Courses approved by IIROC for the Voluntary CE Participation program can be found by clicking here.

Please direct any inquiry you may have about your applicability for this program to:

The following CSI Courses have been approved by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) for voluntary participation in the IIROC CE program.

Professional Development: