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Behavioural Finance - Get Inside Your Client's Mind


Behavioural finance is a relatively new approach to the client/advisor relationship. Understanding a client’s motivations and expectations can be the key to a successful partnership. Behavioural finance is, at its core, the application of psychology to understand human behaviour in finance or investing.

This course will primarily focus on behavioural finance micro (i.e., behavioural biases of individual investors). It will provide advisors with a deeper understanding of their clients' motivations, irrational behaviours and expectations, and make them better equipped to deliver what clients expect.

The primary benefit of the behavioural finance approach is the use of a standardized and repeatable structure through which advisors can design a customized investment plan for the client which can help solidify the advisor/client relationship.

What You Will Learn:

The focus of this course is on Behavioural Finance Micro and will cover:

  • The types of client actions and biases
  • How to determine certain behavioural investor types
  • Understand the difference between Standard Finance and Behavioural Finance
  • Differentiate between Behavioural Finance Micro and Macro
  • How Behavioural Finance Micro is integrated closely with the wealth management approach to effectively deal with clients
  • Building deeper client relationships that deliver what the client expects, specifically by:
    • Using a systematic and repeatable approach to understanding the client's motivations, irrational behaviours and expectations
  • Creating optimal or best practical allocations for client portfolios by incorporating behavioural biases