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Consequences of Non-Compliance in the Securities Industry 2013


With the myriad of applicable securities laws and regulations, the risk or potential for non-compliance can be high and the consequences of compliance failures can be significant. The provincial securities commissions and various SROs regulate the securities industry, but many other federal and provincial laws also apply (i.e., legislation regarding money laundering and terrorist financing and privacy). In addition, firms must have their own policies and procedures for operating and supervising their businesses because without clear policies, procedures and supervision IAs may be left to rely on their own judgment or interpretations, which may expose firms to significant risk.

What you'll learn:

This 3-hour online mini-course will focus on the following:

  • Potential IIROC disciplinary proceedings that may arise when a client files a complaint against an IA.
  • The primary sources of regulatory and compliance obligations and their Administrators, civil law obligations and criminal law obligations.
  • The role of the gatekeeper and the consequences of gatekeeper violations in the securities industry.
  • A general overview of potential penalties that may arise from breaches of the rules with the focus on regulatory breaches by IAs.
  • The client complaint process via IIROC rule 2500B and IIROC’s market investigation process.