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Communicating to Succeed: Business Communications


Strengthen communication skills to create long-term client relationships

Financial professionals need to know their clients, but truly understanding them can make those relationships even more effective. Clients demand competency, but they also respond to empathetic advisors who understand their concerns. When financial professionals gain insight into communicating clearly with clients, they create a working relationship that allows them to thoroughly discuss the goals, lifestyles and solutions they need to achieve and maintain them. This loyalty can also breed referrals.

Loyal client relationships create credibility with employers

Building stronger business communication skills has the added benefit of increasing customer loyalty and referrals, which increases credibility with employers. The Business Communications course will build on the skills learned in Personal Financial Services Advice (PFSA) course as well as in IFC/CSC®, CPH and FP1.

Who should enrol?

The Communicating to Succeed: Business Communications course is designed for students who are beginning their career in the financial services industry, as well as those who are already established in the industry but want to improve their communication skills.