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ETFs for Mutual Fund Representatives



This course is no longer available for sale

Be Ready When Your Clients Start to Ask for Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are fast becoming a must-have investment product for both individual and institutional portfolios. As a cost-effective, liquid tool, ETFs offer access to a variety of markets and afford investors real-time trading and transparency.

Mutual Fund Representatives are fast gaining technological access to this powerful investing vehicle but before they can trade must abide by the regulatory mandate to “know the product” they are dealing in.

The ETFs for Mutual Fund Representatives Course is designed for that purpose. It will provide you, the mutual fund representative, with foundational knowledge about trading on an exchange, the investment management process and the intricacies of ETFs  allowing you to enlist new strategies for  expanding client portfolios to include ETFs.

Who Should Enrol

This online course is designed for licensed mutual fund sales professionals who want to be ahead of the curve by being in a position to deal in ETFs if and when their firms are set up to do so.