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The Natural Gas Market


Although currently almost half of the energy consumed in the world is supplied by oil and its by-products, their share of the energy market has actually been declining in recent years. Other forms of energy—natural gas, electricity and nuclear, wind and solar power—have grown in their share of the market, and are increasingly being used in power generation, space heating and water heating. In fact, over the past decade countries like Canada, the United States and Russia have greatly expanded their production of natural gas.

Today, natural gas represents about one-quarter of the energy consumed in North America. The industrial sector is the largest user of natural gas, followed by electrical utilities. The industry directly affects the day-to-day lives of a wide range of participants: consumers, producers, traders, hedgers, speculators, investors and policymakers.  The impact on the economy and on the investment markets make this a critical area of understanding for anyone who invests, whether directly in natural gas or natural gas producing investments, or in any investment affected by changes in the economy.

Who Should Enrol

  • This CE course is suitable for investment advisors or wealth managers active in both US and Canadian markets and would like to learn more about the natural gas industry.
  • Individuals licensed to sell securities that are subject to Professional Development CE requirements.
  • Investors wanting to further their knowledge of this commodity and to learn about the various investment vehicles that have exposure to natural gas.