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Understanding the Needs of New Immigrant Clients


Understanding the needs of new immigrants fine tunes client service

Canada's celebrated cultural diversity is one of the reasons newcomers move to Canada to establish new lives. These newcomers are a niche market for the financial services industry, and as with any specialized market they have specific needs. To capitalize on this trend, financial advisors must begin customizing their approach to meet the financial and business needs of individual immigrant clients. That customization will improve communication, which is essential to relationship building - particularly with people eager to learn how business is done in a new country

Understanding the Needs of New Immigrant Clients course gives advisors a new skill set to guarantee success

This course will help advisors establish a better rapport with new immigrant clients. This useful skill set allows advisors to effectively address their specific business and financial needs, identify any barriers and solutions, and ultimately increase sales opportunities.

Who should enroll?

Understanding the Needs of New Immigrant Clients is designed for students at securities firms, banks, insurance companies and trust firms. This includes CSRs, mortgage specialists, and financial advisors.