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Working with Aging Clients


Please Note:

This course is no longer available. For a replacement course please refer to Working with Aging Clients - Best Practices and Compliance Guidance

Understanding the needs of aging clients

As the Canadian population ages their financial needs and retirement plans often require adjustments and changes. To gage what needs to be done for elderly clients, financial advisors must be prepared to consider how aging impacts decision-making and learn effective approaches for advising them about their financial and retirement planning.

The Working with Aging Clients (WWAC) course focuses on decision-making challenges

WWAC delves into the psychological, social and neurological changes that occur with aging. Understanding the impact of major health risks is also an essential component, as it helps advisors grasp the nuances of how to effectively help senior clients make final decisions. WWAC will appeal to all wealth managers, financial consultants, advisors and planners who want to better serve aging clients. This course will provide financial professionals with knowledge that will better help them understand the special needs of financial planning and seniors.

Who should enrol?

The Working with Aging Clients (WWAC) course is designed for financial professionals who are currently working with elderly and aging clients. This includes wealth managers, financial advisors, investments advisors, investment counsellors and financial planners. This course is also relevant for mutual fund sales reps and life insurance sales agents.