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CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification



As of June 14 2019, in accordance with the announced FP Canada changes, the CSI Capstone for CFP Certification Course is no longer available for purchase. The last day to purchase a course extension was June 14, 2019. This will provide candidates with enough time to complete the capstone course prior to registration for the November 2019 exams.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Capstone Course will no longer be accepted for candidates wishing to write the CFP examination for the first time.

After January 1, 2020, candidates writing the CFP exam for the first time must successfully complete FP Canada-Approved Core and Advanced Curriculum Programs and FP Canada's Introduction to Professional Ethics course and CFP Professional Education Program prior to writing the CFP exam. 

Eligibility Criteria

FP Canada (formerly The Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada)  requires that individuals taking an FP Canada approved Capstone Course for the purposes of eligibility to write the CFP® examination, must have completed pre-requisite courses that cover the basic knowledge and competencies in the six financial planning component areas outlined in the CFP® Professional Competency Profile: financial management, asset management, risk management, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

The minimum course combinations within the current approved CSI educational routes to CFP® Certification that meet this pre-requisite requirement are CSC® , FP I, and FP2 or IFC, FP I, and FP2 or CSC, FOFP, BMAP, and FPS or IFC, FOFP, BMAP, and FPS or CSC, WME, and FPS.

Please ensure that you have met these pre-requisites prior to registering for the CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification. If you complete the Capstone Course and have not met these pre-requisites, FP Canada will not accept your completion for eligibility to write the CFP examination. If you have taken pre-requisite courses from another provider, please check with the provider or the FP Canadato determine if you have met this pre-requisite requirement before applying for the CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification.

It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure they have met these pre-requisite requirements, as set out on the FP Canada website. If you are taking the CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification for continuing education or as a refresher course, the pre-requisite courses are recommended, but not required.


Candidates must attempt the CFP Examination within four years of completing CSI Capstone Course for CFP® certification, without exception. FPSC conducts this examination twice a year; in June and November. Please check the FPSC website for exact dates and plan your studies / course work accordingly. . Students enrolled in a CSI education stream leading to CFP® certification are eligible for free access to a new online service offered by Financial Planning Standards Council (FP Canada).  The FP Canada Study Toolkit offers access to exclusive content and interactive tools to help in the process of learning and gaining necessary work experience on the path to CFP certification.

  • Free Exam Preparation Webinar: FP Canada's examinations team will guide you through what you need to know about the exam, providing first-hand answers on the essential tips you need to know for success in the exam, what you can expect on exam day and how you can make the most of your study time.
  • Sample Exam Questions: Click on the "Resources" on your FP Canada Portal to review more than 50 multiple-choice questions as well as a case study. Each question includes the correct response and rationale to help you understand why it's the right answer.
  • Software Tutorial: Familiarize yourself with how the exam software will work by using our software tutorial.

Students can access the online resources directly by creating an account though the FP Canada website. Candidates can register for online resources at: Once an account is created, they can access the FPSC Study Toolkit. If you have any questions, please contact FPSC by emailing


Candidates must attempt the CFP Examination within four years of completing CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification, without exception. FP Canada conducts this examination twice a year - in June and November. Please check the FP Canada website for exact dates and plan your studies / course work accordingly.