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CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification



As of June 14 2019, in accordance with the announced FP Canada changes, the CSI Capstone for CFP Certification Course is no longer available for purchase. The last day to purchase a course extension was June 14, 2019. This will provide candidates with enough time to complete the capstone course prior to registration for the November 2019 exams.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Capstone Course will no longer be accepted for candidates wishing to write the CFP examination for the first time.

After January 1, 2020, candidates writing the CFP exam for the first time must successfully complete FP Canada-Approved Core and Advanced Curriculum Programs and FP Canada's Introduction to Professional Ethics course and CFP Professional Education Program prior to writing the CFP exam. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the CSI Capstone course for CFP® Certification, you should be able to:

  • Address issues across a wide range of financial planning components.
  • Integrate the financial planning components and clearly prioritize the components that are most relevant, given the client's position in their life cycle.
  • Demonstrate the fundamental financial planning competencies.
  • Make recommendations supported by appropriate analysis and synthesis.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional skills when creating and presenting financial plans.
  • Communicate a completed comprehensive financial plan clearly and professionally.

As you approach the cases, keep these learning objectives in mind. they will guide you and remind you of what is expected. Draw on all your prior learning and experience as you proceed through the financial process.

Additional Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate ethical judgement in providing professional services.
  • Assess the impact of the economic, political and regulatory environment on financial situations.
  • Demonstrate logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives or approaches to problems.
  • Adhere to the FP Canada's CFP Code of Ethics and the CFP Financial Planning Practice Standards as they apply to the financial planning process.

Included with your Enrolment:

The CSI Capstone Course for CFP® Certification materials are comprised of:

  • An exemplar case and financial plan
  • A Learning Guide (outlining all the details of the course, assessment and instructions on financial plan submissions)
  • Two Mini Financial Planning Cases
  • FAQ's

The final grade for this course consists of five components.

  • Course Assessment 20%
  • Mini Financial Planning Case #1 15%
  • Mini Financial Planning Case #2 15%
  • First Draft Plan 25%
  • Final Plan 25%

Financial Plan Submission Guidelines

Please Note: The recommended order of completion is:

  • Review Course Content & Complete Course Assessment

  • At the end of the exemplar case and financial plan, candidates will be presented with an assessment comprised of multiple choice and true-or-false questions. The assessment will test their knowledge of financial planning issues and evaluation skills in making financial planning recommendations. At the end of the assessment, candidates will receive a comprehensive financial plan created for Steve Valente and Suzane Russell.

  • Review Exemplar Financial Plan

  • Candidates should review the Steve Valente and Suzane Russell financial plan thoroughly and use this financial plan as a guideline to creating their draft and final financial plan submission.

  • Review Mini Financial Planning Case 1 and 2

  • You are required to review two mini cases and complete two integrated financial plans of no more than 10 pages. The plan should reflect what would be part of the client’s overall integrated plan.

  • Choose a case

  • Choose one of the 5 cases which can be purchased from the FP Canada

    • Case #1: Young Couple Planning a Family
    • Case #2: Dad Facing Retirement and Other Big Decisions
    • Case #3: Philanthropic Retiree Arranging Her Affairs
    • Case #4: Buried In Debt: The Sam and Sara Knight Story
    • Case #5: Blended Family Decisions-The Arvinder Grewal and Hannah Ali Story
  • Prepare and submit Draft (treat draft as final to get maximum benefit)

  • Candidates must submit an initial draft of the financial plan for feedback and marking. This first draft will account for 25% of the final mark. Financial plan feedback and mark will be received from the marker approximately 21 business days after the submission date.

  • Prepare and submit Final Plan (subsequent to receiving draft feedback)

  • After receiving the first draft with feedback, candidates must submit a final version of the financial plan to be marked. This final submission will make up 25% of the final mark.

The financial plan will be returned by the marker approximately 21 business days after the final submission date.

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates will receive a Financial Plan Performance Summary. Candidates will not receive feedback on the final plan submission.

FP Canada Exam Schedule & CSI Submission Deadlines

The FP Canada holds the FPE2 Exams twice in the year.  CSI recommends checking the FPSC website at for deadlines with regard to registration dates.

CSI Capstone Draft and Final Submission Weightage
Capstone Course Assessement Mini Financial Plan 1 Mini Financial Plan 2 First Draft Financial Plan Final Financial Plan
Financial Plan 20% 15% 15% 25% 25%

Passing grade is an overall grade of 60%

If candidates receive a failing grade
  • Candidates must purchase a case resubmission  
  • ANY resubmitted financial plan must be based on a different case study
  • Candidates will be given a maximum of one attempt to resubmit a financial plan
  • Must be purchased and completed within a valid enrolment period
Number of Assessments 1
Assessment Format Online
Completion Time Allowed 1 hour
Question Format Multiple Choice and True/False
Questions 20
Attempts Allowed 1
Final Grade Weighting 20%
Enrolment Period 1 year
  • Non-electronic course materials will ship within 5 business days of purchase.
  • Electronic course materials will be available immediately upon purchase.
  • Shipping costs vary by location & will be displayed on the final screen of check out.
  • Shipping and handling fees will apply to all orders that include textbooks.

Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Click the links below or the buttons at the top of the page on the right side to access CE accreditation information. To search for specific course information, press Ctrl + F and then enter the course name to search the document for the information you are interested in.

National/Provincial (Excluding Quebec)
Download CE Chart (PDF, 163 kb)

Quebec (IQPF/CSF)
Download IQPF/CSF Chart (PDF, 182 kb)

Please note: While CSI makes every effort to ensure that the information is up-to-date, we are unfortunately unable to fully guarantee its accuracy. The information listed in the charts above may be subject to change.

More detailed information on CE Credits are available.