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Moody's Accounting for Credit Professionals


Learn the Basic Principles of Accounting and Make Better Lending Decisions with Confidence.

In today's highly competitive financial services landscape, employees who excel are those who are committed to their personal development. Employees who assess credit risk and make lending decisions recognize that accounting skills and the ability to interpret financial statements are critical skills in determining whether a client's capacity meets credit qualifying guidelines.

The Accounting for Credit Professionals course provides learners with a grounding in accounting that will help them grasp financial analysis principles such as those taught in Moody’s Commercial Lending and Small Business Lending curricula.


Accounting for Credit Professionals provides a foundation in accounting concepts and principles relevant to the field of credit in Canada. The course is aligned with industry competencies and has a convenient modular construct. Each of the six modules contains three to four lessons and takes approximately two hours to complete. A pre-course diagnostic identifies areas of strength and weakness, and an online end-of-module exam allows learners to demonstrate their mastery of the concepts taught.

Learners who complete the course will have the skills necessary to interpret the financial statements and determine the creditworthiness of potential borrowers, thus reducing risk in the lending process.

Who should enrol?

Accounting for Credit Professionals is specifically designed for credit practitioners who have a limited background in accounting or who need a refresher. It is recommended for small business and commercial lenders, relationship managers, credit analysts and underwriters, and risk officers.