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Moody's Analyzing Commercial Real Estate (ACRE)


The Comprehensive Course for Canadian Commercial Real Estate Lenders

Today's commercial real estate lenders have to understand a myriad of property-related, economic, and financial risks to make good credit and business decisions. This Moody's Analytics course offers market-leading online curriculum specifically designed with the Canadian commercial real estate lender and analyst in mind. The course focuses on understanding commercial real estate borrowing needs and the risks of lending. It provides an underwriting framework and addresses property types, risks, key analytical indicators, appraisal evaluation and usage, along with common loan types.


The viability of property financing requires an evaluation of multifaceted property risk, financial elements, and elements focused on the property and its management. With this specialized and comprehensive knowledge students will:

  • Be better prepared to identify the unique risks inherent in real estate deals
  • Gain a firm understanding the underwriting framework, ensuring the quality of your lending decisions
  • Make sound lending decisions by expanding your suite of knowledge and be able to put in place solid loan structures

Who should enrol?

This program is recommended for institutions and individuals that engage in commercial real estate lending or assess risks related to those types of loans. Specifically:

  • Commercial real estate lenders
  • Commercial real estate analysts and underwriters
  • Branch managers and select client-facing staff that market to and otherwise work with commercial property owners