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Become a derivatives champion

Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies Course (ADMS)


The Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies Course will extend your knowledge of derivatives products learned in the Derivatives Fundamentals Course by providing in-depth coverage of the supply and demand fundamentals in a variety of underlying markets and the various applications of derivatives including managing risk, trading and structured product construction.

Specifically, this course will cover the following:

  • The supply and demand fundamentals of equity, currency, interest rate and commodity (agricultural, energy and metals) markets
  • How to measure and mitigate risks in financial and commodity markets and industries utilizing both exchange-traded and OTC derivatives including swaps, FRAs, caps and collars
  • Fundamental and technical analysis of futures markets
  • Advanced futures strategies and pricing
  • Advanced option pricing, volatility and sensitivity
  • Advanced option strategies including bull, bear, volatility and income strategies
  • Option strategies and technical analysis
  • How structured products including ETFs utilize derivatives in their creation

Individuals who complete the ADMS course and the Derivatives Fundamentals Course (DFC) or Derivatives Fundamentals and Option Licensing Course (DFOL) will have earned the prestigious Certificate in Derivatives Market Strategies an internationally acclaimed and recognized certification.

As an added feature, the ADMS course allows students to earn CE credits from a variety of jurisdictions including IIROC by completing the quizzes at the end of each section of the course. Students can earn CE credits gradually rather than having to wait until completing the final course examination. Here is a breakdown of the CE credits that can be earned after each section of the course:

Course Domain

IIROC Professional Development CE Credits

Understanding underlying markets


Pricing of Forward Based Contracts


Advanced Trading Strategies Using Derivatives


Advanced Hedging Strategies Using Derivatives


Structuring Products Using Derivatives 2

Who Should Enrol

Enrol in the ADMS if you're seeking:

  • Advanced knowledge of the various applications of derivatives products including managing both financial and non-financial market risk, trading strategies and execution and structured product construction.
  • To earn the internationally recognized CDMS certification
  • Specifically the knowledge learned in the ADMS is an asset for a wide range of industry careers. It is an excellent means to gain an edge when applying for or advancing in roles that use derivatives such as:
    • Investment advisory with a focus on derivatives trading
    • Institutional sales and trading
    • Risk management professionals in both financial and non-financial corporations
    • Conventional and alternative portfolio management
    • Structured product development
    • Equity and fixed income research
    • Treasury

Course leads to the following credentials: