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Advanced Estate Planning and Trust Strategies (AETS)


Upon completion of this course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence required to:

  • Deepen relationships with high net worth clients and become a partner in planning
  • Understand how different types of wealth may be transferred to others
  • Understand how taxation, estate planning and finance impact wealth transfer strategies
  • Understand the roles of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Probate in a wealth transfer plan
  • Identify the importance of tax planning in the wealth transfer process
  • Provide succession planning for small business and identify the appropriate solution for each unique situation
  • Explain the challenges and benefits of gifting assets and charitable giving and the tax implications
  • Understand the role of trusts in the wealth planning process

How you'll learn

CSI offers a variety of options to help you learn at your own pace. Study online, by textbook or using a combination of both.

You'll benefit from:

  • Pre-chapter learning objectives and goals to prepare your thoughts and focus your efforts
  • Interactive learning tools to crystallize the wealth management principles you are learning
  • Online assistance from CSI's academic support specialists
  • Online access to all textbook materials, arranged chapter-by-chapter
  • Review questions tools after every chapter to reinforce and assess your progress through the material
Approximate Hours of Study**
Hours of Study 70 - 90 hours

** In order to provide some guidance to course participants as to the length of time it will take to be sufficiently prepared to write the final examination, CSI has prepared this estimate of the number of hours an average participant could possibly expect to spend studying for a course. Please note that these are only recommended hours of study developed based on research and our course content, however, this does not mean that some students with exceptional backgrounds would not take less time than recommended or that students with no background at all in finance or economics would not take longer than the maximum.

(weightings are approximate)
The Canadian Market for Wealth Management 3%
Creating Client Awareness of Wealth Transfer Issues 9%
Preparing Clients for the Inevitable 16%
Tax Planning for Wealth Transfer 15%
Succession Planning for Small Business 13%
Gifting Assets and Planned Charitable Giving 13%
Roles of Trusts in Wealth Transfer 19%
Wealth Transfer and the Family 8%
Marketing to Wealth Transfer Clients 4%
Exams 1
Exam Format Paper Or Computer Based
Exam Duration 2 Hours
Question Format Multiple Choice
Questions Per Exam 75
Attempts Allowed Per Exam 3*
Passing Grade 60%
Assignments None
Enrolment Period 1 year

*There is no charge for your first attempt at a paper-based exam within Canada, as long as it's at a regular exam center and you provide a minimum of 14 days notice before the date that you want to write the exam. If you would like to write a computer-based exam, an additional fee will be required.

Each subsequent paper-based exam attempt at a regular exam centre within Canada will also require an additional fee. This fee is in addition to any special, computer-based or international fees that may apply. You must provide a minimum of 14 days notice within Canada at a regular exam centre and 4 weeks notice for all other centres. Please note that the date of the exam is not part of any notice period.

†Please note: Access to your online materials will close 2 weeks after successful course completion or course expiry (whichever comes first). This course can be extended by 1 year provided you have not exceeded the attempts allowed for each exam. You can view CSI extension fees here. Your enrolment period can only be extended one time.

Important: During a student's enrolment period, CSI may update this course. In that case, details about the update and how it may affect students will be posted online via My CSI. Students are held responsible for and are examinable on the content in the course textbook(s) provided at the time of enrollment unless stated otherwise in My CSI. Students are encouraged to check My CSI regularly throughout their enrolment period.

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