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AFP Exam Prep Tool


CSI’s AFP Exam Prep Tool is a comprehensive package of study materials designed to help you perform at your best on the Applied Financial Planning (AFP) Certification Examination.

It includes a complete break-down of the structure and nature of both AFP exams, a series of exercises and tutorials to reinforce that understanding as well as practice questions and cases to put your skills and knowledge to the test.

Also included is access to the most up-to-date version of each of the courses on the PFP path. That’s an unparalleled value and conveniently packaged within the AFP Exam Prep Tool.

Understanding what to expect on the AFP Certification Examination and how to study for it are key to being well prepared. Identifying your learning gaps in terms of the competencies, skills and knowledge covered round out sound preparation efforts. The AFP Exam Prep Tool helps with both and allows you focus your study efforts where it makes the most difference.

Who should enrol?

The AFP Exam Prep Tool is designed for employees and students in the financial services industry who are either preparing to write the AFP Certification Examination for the first time, or who have written it unsuccessfully in the past and could benefit from additional support.

Enrolment in the AFP Certification Examination is required prior to purchasing the AFP Exam Prep Tool.