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AFP Exam Prep Tool



Built to develop confidence, this online study tool gives students access to a self-assessment, applied exercises and tutorials, two practice exams and feedback. When using the study tool students will be able to:

  • Better understand what to expect when writing the exams
  • Identify their level of knowledge and experience
  • Determine what materials outside of the AFP Prep course need to be reviewed
  • Manage expectations by doing practice exams
  • Practice financial plan development skills
  • Increase their ability to pass the exams

Take a Peek Inside the AFP Exam Prep Tool!

With our free interactive demo you can experience the AFP exam prep tool for free before you enrol! Login to the demo now. username/password: afpdemo

Course Format:

This online study tool provides students with:

  • 2 tutorials:
    • What is the AFP?
    • What do AFP exams look like?
  • Exercises featuring answers for comparison
  • Exercises featuring multiple choice questions
  • Practice exam 1 with multiple choice answers
  • Practice exam 2 with 2 case based practice exams