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AFP Exam Prep Tool



The AFP Exam Prep Tool provides the boost in confidence that comes with being well prepared. That confidence can make all the difference when you write the challenging AFP Certification Examination. 

Besides the study tool components (exercises, tutorials, practice questions and cases), you get complete access to the most up-to-date version of the courses on the PFP path.

You also get access to a comprehensive resource library with tools like a course reference guide to understanding the relationship between the competencies examined and the course content as well as aids you can use to enhance your integrated financial planning skills.
You’ve worked hard to get to this point, so why not take the extra step to prepare for success?

Students who use AFP Exam Prep Tool will receive the following benefits:

  • Learn what to expect when writing the exams
  • Assess their level of knowledge and any expose any gaps
  • Identify what materials outside of the AFP Exam Prep Tool must be reviewed
  • Practice financial plan development skills

Take a Peek Inside the AFP Exam Prep Tool!

With our free interactive demo you can experience the AFP exam prep tool for free before you enrol! Login to the demo now. username/password: afpdemo

Course Format:

This online study tool provides students with:

  • 2 tutorials and exercises to confirm AFP Certification Examination requirements
  • Practice questions in the style of AFP Exam 1
  • 2 practice cases with related questions in the style of AFP Exam 2
  • A resource library stocked with guides, aids and checklists
  • Access to up-to-date courses on the main PFP education path (IFC, PFSA, FP I, and FP II)