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Advanced Retirement and Estate Planning Strategies (ARES)


Provide Expert Retirement, Estate and Trust Advice

In the increasingly competitive wealth management industry, individuals with specialized expertise in this growing sector are increasingly valuable. Advisors looking to deal with the complex needs of high net worth clients in the areas of retirement and estate planning will benefit from the focused, advanced knowledge of retirement, insurance, tax and estate planning found in this course.

You'll learn to:

  • Develop sophisticated, yet flexible wealth management approaches to address clients' life stages and changes
  • Provide financial products that monetize assets into income to support a client's desired retirement lifestyle without risking assets and wealth
  • Understand the reality of retirement in the current economy including the implications for women
  • Identify and recommend strategies to help minimize risks to a client's wealth
  • Identify opportunities to help clients who have businesses with their borrowing and treasury management needs. 
  • Navigate the retirement discovery process and recommend strategies to minimize taxes
  • Understand various types of executive compensation plans and tax minimization strategies
  • Improve your understanding of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Probate and their roles in wealth transfer plans
  • Understand the various ways to value a business for purposes of business succession planning
  • Understand the role of trusts in the wealth planning process
  • Provide succession planning for small business and identify the appropriate solution for each unique situation
  • Explain the challenges and benefits of gifting assets, charitable giving and its tax implications


CSI offers a variety of options to help you learn at your own pace. Study online, by textbook or using a combination of both.
You'll benefit from:

  • Pre-chapter learning objectives and goals to prepare your thoughts and focus your efforts
  • Interactive learning tools to crystallize the wealth management principles you are learning
  • Online assistance from CSI's academic support specialists
  • Online access to all textbook materials, arranged chapter-by-chapter
  • Review questions after every chapter to reinforce and assess your progress through the material
Approximate Hours of Study**
Hours of Study 140 - 180 hours
(weightings are approximate)
The Canadian Wealth Management Market 4%
Personal Risk Management Process and Identification of Risks 9%
Growing and Protecting a Client's Business 9%
Market and Non-Market Risks of Retirement 8%
Retirement Planning 17%
Executive Compensation and Tax Strategies During Retirement 11%
Dealing with Wealth Transfer Clients 11%
Tax and Business Succession Planning 12%
Gifting Assets and Planned Charitable Giving 7%
The Role of Trusts and the Family in Wealth Transfer 12%
Number of Exams 1
Exam Format Paper Or Computer Based
Exam Length 180 minutes
Question Format Multiple Choice
Questions Per Exam 100
Attempts Allowed Per Exam 3
Passing Grade 60%
Enrolment Period 1 year

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