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Accident and Sickness Insurance Course
(Prerequisite course to qualify to write the provincial Accident and Sickness licensing examination)


Expand Your Service Offering

The Accident and Sickness Insurance Course is an essential foundation to build insurance expertise in the area of accident and sickness as an agent, financial planner, independent broker or dual-licensed advisor.


Qualify to Write Your Provincial Accident and Sickeness Licensing Exam

CSI has been an approved provider of a pre-requisite course for LLQP and Accident and Sickness licensing requirements since 2002.  Changes are now being introduced by the regulators and will come into effect January 1, 2016. For further details on the changes, click here. CSI is now offering this course that has received a national recommendation (by CISRO) for obtaining approval from the provincial jurisdictions. CSI is in the process of formally applying to each province and we anticipate approval in all jurisdictions.


Expand Your Scope of Services

Expand your service offering and revenue potential by providing advice on accident and sickness insurance.


Who Should Enrol

Enrol in CSI’s new Accident and Sickness  Insurance Course if you’re:

  • Aspiring to enter the insurance industry
  • Looking to obtain an accident and sickness  license by writing the provincial  licensing examination
  • In a position to offer clients accident and sickness insurance advice
  • A practitioner in the financial industry seeking further knowledge in accident and sickness insurance

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