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Commodities as Investments (CAI)


The Commodities as Investments (CAI) course will provide you with knowledge and insight into commodities as valuable investment vehicles for your clients. You will discover the benefits and risks of having portfolio exposure to commodities. As well you will learn about the growing list of ways of gaining exposure that include directly owning the physical commodities, trading derivative or investing in commodity-based equities, structured or managed products.

More specifically, you will gain an understanding of commodities as an asset class, where commodity investments may fit within client portfolios. Learn about the important supply and demand fundamentals of key commodity markets (gold, energy and agricultural) and how they affect the movement in price.

Take a Step Towards Your Certificate in Derivatives Market Strategies
Interested in the Derivatives marketing specialist program? The CAI is a qualifying elective toward earning your Certificate in Derivatives Market Strategies.

Course leads to the following credential: