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Canadian Securities eReference


This course is no longer available for purchase

Being resourceful is about knowing where to find the best answers.

After taking the CSC®, alumni often find they run into moments when they need to refresh their knowledge on financial topics. It could be in a specific area they've recently come across in their job, or for personal development purposes. Now financial professionals will have access to authoritative, up-to-date information at their fingertips, as well as an opportunity to network online with peers.

Reboot financial knowledge and network using a convenient online reference tool

Canadian Securities eReference is an online reference tool that accesses all CSC® material and has a built-in online community. Its Discussion Board allows CSC® alumni to connect and network with one another. Other useful features include the Global Glossary, a comprehensive financial industry website database, and Formula Finder which lists the CSC® formulas covered in each course chapter. Professionals can take advantage of these tools through an annual subscription.

Who should subscribe?

The Canadian Securities eReference will appeal to alumni of the CSC® at any level of their career. This includes recent grads who want to develop their professional network.