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Commercial Credit Certification Exam (CCL)

Gain the confidence to take the Commercial Credit Certification Exam

Students who have completed the prerequisite courses for the Moody’s Certificate in Commercial Credit must now efficiently prepare themselves to write the final exam. By registering for the exam, students will be given study tools needed so they will be equipped to write the exam and earn a certificate that meets the demands of credit analysis and loan decisioning to ensure best practices in commercial lending.

The Commercial Credit Certification Exam (CCL) component will help students review all of the key material from the Commercial Lending, Problem Loans and Profitability and Credit Risk courses. Also included is the Commercial Credit Check, which is a study tool that will assist with exam preparation. This exam component fulfills the last requirement for students to earn the increasingly relevant Certificate in Commercial Credit.

Once you have purchased the CCL, you can book your actual exam date and location by logging into your student profile and selecting "Book Exam"

Educational Requirements

If you have successfully completed the following courses, you are eligible to enrol in the Commercial Credit Certification Exam (CCL):

  • Commercial Lending
  • Problem Loans
  • Profitability and Credit Risk

Course leads to the following credential: