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Moody's Commercial Lending (CLCA)


Credit risk assessment and lending decision skills for Canadian commercial lenders

Today's commercial lenders have to understand their clients, needs, adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace, maintain a keen sense of the competitive environment, and make good credit and business decisions. This Moody's Analytics course offers a broad-based credit analysis curriculum for middle market lenders and analysts. It teaches financial, market, and management risk assessment methodologies, together with risk mitigation techniques.


The Commercial Lending course is specifically designed with Canadian commercial lenders in mind. Upon completion of this program, lenders will be able to:

  • Identify business lending opportunities
  • Identify borrowing needs and craft credit solutions
  • Assess the credit risk factors associated with lending to commercial and industrial enterprises
  • Make sound, defensible lending decisions
  • Utilize techniques for mitigating risks that affect overall borrower creditworthiness

Additionally, the course assesses the lender's ability to work through a real business lending scenario through a practical simulation of the full application, analysis, and decision process.

Who should enrol?

This program is recommended for institutions and individuals that engage in commercial lending or assess risks related to those types of loans. Specifically:

  • Commercial/middle-market lenders
  • Corporate lenders
  • Relationship Managers
  • Commercial and corporate loan analysts
  • Underwriters
  • Branch Managers
  • Select client-facing staff that work with middle market business clients

Course leads to the following credentials: