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CSC® Refresh 2016



This course is no longer available for purchase

Maximize your career potential by displaying the CSC® Refresh 2016 badge, a digital credential of financial industry expertise

A new mark of distinction for graduates of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®), the CSC® Refresh 2016 shows potential employers you’re serious about professional development and that your financial industry knowledge is up-to-date.  By enrolling for the CSC Refresh 2016, you’ll be able to access a range of tools to ensure you’re equipped with the most current industry practices, trends and protocols.

Digital badges are being adopted by a range of respected business institutions including Carnegie Mellon, the Smithsonian Institution, Intel, Disney-Pixar and Mozilla. With online recruiting and hiring becoming a major force in the employment market, digital badges are emerging as a secure way for employers to quickly validate the credentials of potential candidates. Stay on top of this emerging hiring standard with the CSC Refresh 2016. This digital badge can be imbedded into your CV, onto your LinkedIn page or shared via email with employers and recruiters and includes a secure validation link to the CSI website.

Who Should Enrol

Completion of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) is a prerequisite of this course. The CSC Refresh 2016 is designed to show potential employers your commitment to industry currency and professional development. Additionally, this program provides the perfect tool for CSC graduates to illustrate they are current with the competencies covered in the latest version of the CSC.

The CSC Refresh 2016 is not intended as a substitute for completing the CSC as it does not cover all the competencies that the full CSC exam embodies. IIROC and the provincial securities commissions require persons seeking registration for certain positions to have completed the CSC within the most recent three-year period. The CSC Refresh 2016 does not extend the validity of the CSC and has no impact on an individual's ability to be registered.