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Icon CourseEstate and Trust Asset Management (ETM)


Learn how unique assets can challenge trust specialists

Estates holding unique assets can test the business and legal acumen of an estate and trust professional. Whether an estate holds an operating business, a farm or foreign assets, the learning curve may be high for even the most seasoned professional. They must understand the rules for trustee investments, estate management, and the responsibilities of executors and trustees.

Introducing the NEW Estate and Trust Asset Management (ETM) course

The NEW ETM course provides advanced professionals in the estate and trust divisions of banks with the skills to handle diverse clients with complex holdings. This is also one of the required courses for the MTI® Estate and Trust Professional designation.

Who Should Enrol

The ETM course is designed for advance-level estate and trust professionals. Trust or tax officers and estate planners in financial services would find this useful, especially those who are advancing their careers by earning their MTI® Estate and Trust Professional designation. This course may be a mandatory requirement at some firms and it can also be tailored for any corporate training program.

Course leads to the following credential:



Students will acquire detailed knowledge about administering estates with unique assets, including those operating a business or with assets or beneficiaries in foreign jurisdictions. Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Administer a portfolio of estates and trusts in accordance with the terms of governing documents, relevant law and corporate risk management policies and procedures
  • Discuss investment guidelines for trustees
  • Identify when specialists are required to guarantee authoritative service and advice, and at a reasonable cost
  • Detail how to ensure proper valuation, retention and sale of farm assets
  • Explain the details upon the death of an owner for each type of proprietorship, including "wind-up", sale or continued operation of the business, the valuation process and tax consequences
  • Identify issues that may arise when trust assets or beneficiaries reside in foreign jurisdictions
  • Explain the methods used to gather information about active companies and evaluate their worth
  • Outline the duties and restrictions imposed upon an executor in dealing with a business asset

ETM is one of the requirements for CSI's NEW the MTI® Estate and Trust Professional designation. It can also be taken as a stand-alone course.

Approximate Hours of Study**
Hours of Study 20 - 30 hours

** In order to provide some guidance to course participants as to the length of time it will take to be sufficiently prepared to write the final examination, CSI has prepared this estimate of the number of hours an average participant could possibly expect to spend studying for a course. Please note that these are only recommended hours of study developed based on research and our course content, however, this does not mean that some students with exceptional backgrounds would not take less time than recommended or that students with no background at all in finance or economics would not take longer than the maximum.

(weightings are approximate)
Types of Businesses, Review of Business, Disposition, Taxation of Business 6%
Protection and Valuation of Assets 20%
Ongoing Management of a Private Corporation 10%
Introduction to Farms 4%
Multi-Jurisdictional Succession and Foreign Asset Management 10%
Non-Traditional Asset Classes, International Investing 6%
Portfolio Solution Fundamentals 10%
Managing Investment Risk 10%
Selecting and Working with Investment Consultants 12%
Trustee Investments 12%
TEST FORMAT (Subject To Change)  
Tests 1
Test Format Online
Test Length 1.5 Hours
Question Format Multiple Choice
Questions Per Exam 50
Attempts Allowed Per Exam 2*
Passing Grade 70%
Assignments None
Enrolment Period 6 months

*Students will have two attempts ONLY to complete the test for this course. There is no additional charge for the second attempt. If you fail both attempts you will have to re-enrol in the course.

Important: During a student's enrolment period, CSI may update this course. In that case, details about the update and how it may affect students will be posted online via My CSI. Students are held responsible for and are examinable on the content in the course textbook(s) provided at the time of enrollment unless stated otherwise in My CSI. Students are encouraged to check My CSI regularly throughout their enrolment period.

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Continuing Education Credits

National/Provincial (Excluding Quebec)
Download CE Chart (PDF, 163 kb)

National/Quebec (IQPF/CSF)
Download IQPF/CSF Chart (PDF, 182 kb)

Please note: While CSI makes every effort to ensure that the information is up-to-date, we are unfortunately unable to fully guarantee its accuracy. The information listed in the charts above may be subject to change.

For details on the organizations and other information on CE Credits listed in the above charts, please click here.

Estate and Trust Asset Management (ETM)
Online, interactive version with online textbook (PDF) $295.00

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