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Financial Planning II


The Financial Planning II (FP II) will provide you with advanced knowledge of key financial planning strategies. Building on the techniques learned in PFSA and Financial Planning I (FP I), students will refine their skills enabling them anticipate the evolving needs of a complex and sophisticated clientele.

FP II builds on the practical knowledge base of a financial planner learned in FP I. You will apply financial planning concepts and knowledge to determine the appropriate strategy for clients based on the collection and analysis of client information. By integrating information across the financial planning spectrum you will be able to advise clients on the financial impact of material changes in their life (life events) that could affect their financial future

Specifically, you will learn about:

  • Financial Planning in Canada
  • The Six Steps of the Financial Planning Process
  • Net Worth Planning and General Strategies to Manage Credit
  • Financial Planning and Mortgages
  • Investment and Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning and Insurance
  • Estate Planning & Family Law
  • Financial Planning for Small Business

Furthermore by completing the FP II, you may be eligible to earn the Certificate in Advanced Financial Adviceand puts you one step closer to earning the new Personal Financial Planner (PFP®) designation.

Who Should Enrol

You should enroll in FP II if you have experience in the financial services field, looking to further advance your career in financial planning by pursuing the new Personal Financial Planner (PFP) designation.

You have likely completed the Certificate in Financial Services Advice and want to be able to offer more comprehensive advice to clients.

Course leads to the following credential: