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FP II Check



The questions included in the FP II Check are based on the current textbook materials for the exam you are registered for. The questions are in a similar format and structure as the questions on the FP II Exam.

The practice tests will:

  • Help you assess your knowledge and identify gaps so you can focus your study effort
  • Help you manage your time and reduce your stress on the actual exam day

As with the actual exams, you will have three hours to complete 60 multiple-choice questions.  The two mock exams cover Volumes 1 and 2 of the FP II course.

Each practice test delivers:

  • Your overall percentage score, as well as a breakdown of your performance at a domain level
  • A brief explanation of the correct answer
  • A reference locating the relevant material in the FP II textbook for review

The learning domain assessment graph helps pinpoint gaps in your knowledge base so that you can focus your study time on those learning domains requiring the most attention. With the 'All domains' drop down you can select the questions with feedback from the individual course learning domains.